Wil#39;s Traveller Pages

Aramis (aka Wil) has several pages of stuff he#39;s developed over the years. Most of it has ended up here.

dFudge Traveller Task System
for use with CT, MT and MoTrav
Full Thrust Traveller
A different scaled adaptation than Power Projection
Wil's Fixes for Mega Traveller
MegaTraveller Ship#39;s Weapon Tables
Expanded and interpolated to cover all common TL#39;s
Wil#39;s Misjump Tables
Wil#39;s additional rules for misjumps and a few other bits
Wypoc Tourist Brochure
Wil#39;s TML Landgrab was Wypoc/Lanth, a nasty little hell-world. Welcome to Wypoc. Read the warnings. You might live to leave!
WoD Traveller conversion
Wil#39;s infamous conversion of the VTM 1st ed Rules to playing Traveller.
Elestrial Concordat Setting


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