This is Aramis' Little Site, 4th Edition. Due to prior hosting failures, I've migrated to a new ISP, and have chosen to keep the domain itself for family use, and to keep my gaming stuff in the subdomain. Much of the old stuff will resurface as I clean it up.

By the same token, however, some new stuff will also be showing up from time to time, and I'm changing the look a little for better use of screens in the 800+ pixel wide screens, from my original site layout, intended for 600 pixels wide.

For those not knowing what is up, Aramis keeps on his site his game designs,  his tweaks to other peoples games, and some odd musings.

Aramis keeps stuff for general Trek gaming, Tunnels and Trolls, Traveller, L5R, SLAG!, and a few others here.

2023 Notes

I'm finally getting around to giving some TLC to the site again. I'm considering going to a PHP model, but don't count on that.

I don't know why the javascript to close the menus isn't working. It wasn't letting the open, but somehow I got that to happen.

I'm still gaming, still enjoying gaming... but I'm broke, broken, and not happy about either.

Finally, yes, I know this is ugly by modern web design standards - this was pretty good in 1999... and 4 site hosts ago.

My Web Design Philosophy

KISS. Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Ok, looking left, and finding my nav bar might confuse... But it really is simple javascript. And it was done because the list was getting too long; People were likely to miss content. Generally, I like a frameset with a nav bar, and links back to the frameset in case people pop them out and want to get back.

I actually hand code, to maintain minimal code bloat. (People putting up stuff done in Word and exported may have nearly 3x as much file... most of it having little real effect. This also allows me to add various bits of useful code when I choose, where I choose. Ok, I'm a techno-geek.

Monsterator and such:

the heavy javascript pages are all game tools. I have several in various states of completion. Monsterrator really is intended for people to download (save to desktop) and run locally. It's nothing but javascript and html forms.

Technology List

  1. HTML 3.0/4.0 - almost interchangeably.
  2. JavaScript. Note that It is NOT ECMAscript... I don't do Internet Exploder.
  3. PDF - Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format.
  4. Compuserve .gif Graphics Interchange Format. My preferred graphic format.
  5. Portable Network Graphic - .png - my second most favorite graphic format.
  6. Cascading Style Sheets - CSS level 3 - mostly in file, rather than referenced.
  7. html entities - I tend to use entitities — rather than extended characters in the unicode character set — for maximum portability of the code. It also actually gives me much better control over the appearance of the code.

Software used

  1. Firefox 3 Macintosh
  2. Macintosh OS X 10.5-10.9
  3. Text Edit (Apple)
  4. nVU
  5. CPanel
  6. Pages
  7. Graphic Converter (lemkesoft)
  8. Pixen (Opensword Group)
  9. Some pages are old enough to have started with SaintEdit and MacOS 8.1...
  10. TranslateIt!
  11. Pages (Apple)
  12. Numbers (Apple)
  13. Ovis PDF Office.

"Hey, I want you to do my website"

sure. I will do other sites. I charge real cash money. Ok, I will take payment via PayPal™. Assuming I don't have to make all kinds of detailed graphics stuff, you are looking at at least $100 per page. (I charge a mere $20 an hour, with a minimum $100, and I work from home. All content needs to be provided, and formatting and styling is part of that time. I do not do Flash. Javascript takes me time to code and debug... the menu system took an hour.)

PayPal is a registered trademark of PayPal, Inc. Use here is not intended to be challenge.

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Apr 2023
many things broken. Not fixing them for the most part.
Dec 2013
Most of the pages went away. Much of the data still exists, but it's going to be a pain to recover it. AGAIN. just a few pages up right now.


©2009 William F. Hostman. All Rights Reserved

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